1. Cheers Ryan! What on eath is a ‘sickzipper tyranus’? Some sort of hoodie? The only tyranus the comes to mind is tyrannosaurus rex. Oh, tyranus, as in star wars? Or perhaps ‘hoodies against the tyranny’? Agh! Never mind! lol

      1. Your Funny. Love your sense of humor. Well, in American history, SICKZIPPER TYRNAUS is what John Wilks Booth Cried out as he was about to try to assasinate Abraham Lincoln. Way back when that guy was President. Lincoln I mean. The phrase means, “DEATH TO TYRANTS” It is also mentioned on the show SEINFELD where crazy Joe Dvilola, tries to beat up Jerry Seinfeld on the set of a comedy show. OF course it is a tv show so this is all scripted. But Crazy Joe yells Sickzipper TYRANUS. Crazy Joe gets arrested by security in the storyline. I hope I explained this well. So in your painting, your characters are yelling something but I did not know what. So I gave them a caption. I hope it worked. ROCK ON BUDDY!

      2. Thanks for that. I had to look it up. I knew that Abe the honest (so-called) was assassinated but I knew nothing of the story. So, well, I came across ‘sic semper tyrannis’ which is the equivalent of your ‘sickzipper tyranus’… again, you know the modern street talk / parlance / lingo… something of which I am in utter ignorance. So I think I like you ‘sickzipper’ in preference to the Latin ‘sic semper’! Keep on truckin’ partner! lol

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