Strange old building

The strange old building on the corner, oil on small (24x33cms) canvas panel… I just realised, this is me, a self-portrait, a strange old building in some corner of the world! #redbrick #corner #architecture #ireland #somefinestonecarvingroundtheentranceportal #curious #oilpainting #quickoilsketch #impression #paintedwithpassion #gutfeelings #artisticintegrity #honestpainting


  1. Well, this reminds me of the illustrations from the graphic novel FROM HELL…Written By Allan Moore.

    Your painting here is much more epic though.

    Much more soul in the painting.

    You really got the eeriness of mystery and some real power here in the colors and the fog.

    Allan Moore should write a book about your painting here.

    I would buy it.

    Comic Books today rely too much on traditonal storytelling and photo realistic art.

    They have forgotten that ALL ART tells a story!

    That is why nobody buys them here in the states

    All they care about is it being picked up for a bad movie.

    You did good work here sir!


    1. I think photorealism is a somewhat mechanical way of painting / art form. Where is the passion in it? It’s a very tame way of painting. I prefer something more wild… something that is about the artist as well as the subject. Van Gogh is of course a passionate painter through and through… maybe that’s why he is adfmired so much… although I’ve seen academic tracers and technicians criticise him for his lack of drawing abilty… what counts for more Ryan? Feeling or reasoning… ?

      1. It’s all about emotion! Photo realism is not imagination. Art galleries shirk away from it. Customers want paintings that have imagination. This is what is killing American comic book sales. We don’t want photo realism. We want the sketchy imperfect style of Jack Kirby and Todd McFarlane. In art school, the students laughed at my art style because they thought I sucked. My Mentor, Professor Ivanchenko would tell me that my style is incredibly rare and that it is possibly true that nobody paints the way I do anymore. He says THAT is what art galleries look for. Same as online buyers, He said, 9 out of ten students draw the same in art school. They won’t be selling art any time soon. Customers tell the curator, If I want a photograph I will use my camera. Passion, Emotion and Imagination are what sell paitnings. Do you agree buddy?

  2. Yes, I do. One thousand per cent. If there’s no emotion – and how can there be in technically painstaking and laborious copies of photographs – there’s no art. Or, rather, there is only dead art. This has always been the way in art. It is the personality, the character, the feeling, of the artist that shines through. The ability to make copies counts for nothing. Nowadays people use tracing paper, projectors, photoshop-type computer programs, and the suchlike aids, and think that what they’re producing is art. It’s not! Art needs the stamp of a personality, of a temperament, of the soul, of a painter, to give it meaning. It’s always been that way and there is no likelihood it’ll ever change. It’s a form of communication, of emotions and feelings and thoughts. We are after all beings with feelings and passions and emotions. Art is a means, a non-verbal means, of communication.

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