Bawnboy workhouse

Bawnboy workhouse, a view. Another self-portrait of me as an empty shell of a man, a ruined man.

Pencil, watercolour and zinc white gouache on Arches paper

#watercolour #sketchdrawing #impression #Bawnboy #CoCavan #Ireland #workhouse #ruins #derelictbuildings #historicalinterest #poverty #famine #hardship #lateC19th


  1. The pencil black lines have a liquitex, ink meets paint from a pallette of a sad man.

    Beautiful work.

    But I hope you are not too sad!

    Here in America, Christmas is this week.

    I am not much of a Holiday man myself.

    Halloween is the only one I like.

    Kids in costumes from anime and comic books that I recognize.

    I tell them something like calling out the character’s catch

    phrase or I asked this one teenage girl….”What Anime are you supposed tp be.?”

    I did not recognize that particular show when she told me.

    Nice kid!

    I love Halloween!

    I am half Jewish and Half Catholic.

    So, the Holidays apply to me but, I hate all except Halloween.

    So, I hope something magical happens for you this Christmas.

    Even if you don’t celebrate it.

    They say magic happens worldwide on that day.

    Kindness and love from total strangers.

    You Rock On Buddy!

    1. Thank you Ryan! Sending you greetings too. And wishing you a merry wintertide. I’m of no religion. I laugh when I think about the time some staunch Irish Catholic republican told me to my face, You’re nothing but a f*cking pagan! I almost felt complimented! As for magic. Magic is the very fact of the universe… that over billions of years living creatures have somehow evolved to tell the tale. On the subject of art, there is a theory that says the pictures painted and drawn by artists are all of them self portraits. That the unconscious mind rules. That stuff buried deep in the unconscious mind affects our work and we have no control over it. Of course, the conscious mind loves to think it is in control, that it deliberates, but then it would, wouldn’t it! Lol. Take care!

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