1. You sir are a genius! This is some good stuff!

    Pen and ink!

    more people need to do pen and ink drawings.

    I remember fine arts school where the kids whined they had to draw with charcoal.

    They were shocked to see their was no undo button on paper.

    Some even cried.


    I am like, man, this vine charcoal stuff draws great.

    Now, I gotta spray it before it blows away.

    Pen and ink is so cool too!

    Nothing like touching something on a piece of real paper.

    Digital is great too……but it is supposed to help traditional art….not replace it!

    Kids today, I’ll tell ya!

    Anyways, this is brilliant!

    Sorry I have not been around.

    I was busy.

    Turning 39/

    Last Month was my birthday/

    Had a good party too!

    I also posted several new posts on my word press.

    Feel free to check them out!




  2. Well, allow me to wish you a somewhat belated, HAPPY THIRTY-NINTH BIRTHDAY RYAN !!! So forty is just round the corner! You’re still young. I hope you’re giving life your best shot! It passes very quickly!
    What fixative spray did you use with the charcoal?

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