1. Well, maybe you will once all this Covid business has died down! There are many interesting places to see across the island, even though things have changed a great deal in recent times. And there are some nice people to meet too.

      1. Yes this COVID thing is just messed up rn. Hope everything gets better soon.
        Whole Europe is something different. As far as I can remember, London was beautiful as anything. Just so you know, there are two things in my list I would sell my heart to visit… (a) Gieranger, Norway, (b) Inistioge, Ireland and (c) Brouwersgracht, Netherlands (Okay that’s three 💅). And yes there always are beautiful people to meet. Like you — if I visit Ireland in near future, I’d come to meet you for sure, and I’d have a portrait of me drawn by you (Hope you won’t say no). I really loved this painting of Carrick-On-Shannon!!!

      2. Dear Shrushti,
        I apologise in advance if what I say seems brutal. There is no intention on my part to be hurtful to you.
        But you flatter me! I am not beautiful at all! I am old, ugly, and sick. And then too I am a very private person, a recluse, a virtual hermit… something of an old misanthrope!
        Formerly I lived in South London, but I moved away from the hustle and bustle of that rat-race world to the English Midlands, and thence to Cornwall… and now I live off the beaten track in a remote (the most under-populated) county of Ireland. I have mostly escaped from the noise of the world and its madness.
        The virtual world of the Internet sort-of suits me fine.
        I use the Internet merely to keep a record of things.
        Inistioge is a town I am unfamiliar with but Kilkenny is a place where tourists congregate and therefore a place I would avoid! So, you see what I’m like?
        As for art, I seldom do drawings from life nowadays. Mostly work from photos. This means I don’t have to come into contact with people, most of whom I despise and don’t trust! I have long experience of the so-called ‘art world’ and think it is full of corruption and injustice, and money-worshipping touts.
        So, that’s me in a nutshell.
        If you have a photo of yourself you like then email it to me and I’ll see if I can make a sketch or two from it. I don’t want payment. I am not that sort of artist. I am not a salesman, I have no interest in the business or financial side of art.
        Yours sincerely,

      3. Beautiful, to me, has a different meaning. Hard to explain, like, not just some lush green field with highlands at the back. Probably some stream or waterfall… But something different, vast, even the dark. It doesn’t matter how you look or what state you’re in or anything. Thoughts count. And for that you are beautiful and I won’t accept anything less (No flattery… just what I feel).

        Trust me, I am somewhat of a you myself — a recluse, but not a misanthrope, rn at least… idk sometimes I find people convivial but I strongly do not want to be with them. I didn’t even want to be on the internet in the first place. But solitude isn’t something everyone agrees with and since I’m still under my parents supervision, I’ve to try befreinding every fucking thing on this planet!

        Just so you know, I generally do not like travelling, but when I was a little younger, my sister and I marked these places we wanted to visit. These three were our most favorite ones.

        And about the portrait part, I’m way too far away from inside story of this “art world” but I honestly respect your way of thinking… I kind of get that.. the feeling of avoiding people and I respect that. I’d have loved to have me drawn by you, but I think I shouldn’t incommode you with my wants rn.

        And yes, none of what you said was brutal in any sense, so we really need no apology business between us, Peter.

      4. I agree, entirely, thoughts count. However, that is not the way the powers-that-be view things. My friendship with you [edit: mistakenly clicked on the reply link!]

      5. I agree with you, Shrushti, thoughts count. But that is not the way the powers-that-be view things.

        And I cannot speak for your parents but do they know you are corresponding with a 73 year old man? I must make it clear, BTW, I am not a paedophile. I am not interested in young girls. (Or young boys for that matter.) I am not some old pervert. I am not the sort of man that sends disgusting photos to women. But when you tell me I am beautiful, I feel flummoxed… tongue-tied… I don’t know what to say. Maybe I should say ‘thank you’…

        One thing, I am amazed at your intelligence and understanding. That is what I find beautiful about you. Maybe we should talk about notions of the beautiful some time… I am stuck for words (again) here…

        BTW I’m not a complete misanthrope, it’s just that I can only take small doses of people, especially crowds. I don’t know why. I’m not unsociable or rude, I just feel happiest in my own company.

        Yes, likewise, I had no intention of ever entering the quicksand that is the Internet… but once entered it becomes difficult to escape its clutches.

        I did a search under your name but could find nothing except your music site and a 2017-18 YouTube account. Is that you?

        You’re not inconveniencing me at all. Ask away. I might even agree on occasion!

        Please send me a photo of you so that I can make a sketch from it. I think if I were to see you and sketch you in person I’d have problems. One has to get to know a person to draw them well. Having said that, in the past I would draw portraits of strangers, in pubs, or at events, and they would be happy enough with the results.

        I like talking to you. I like hearing your views. I must go over to your WordPress page and see what’s new.

        Best wishes,

      6. Wait what?? Why does everything need to be a venereal malarkey? Just because I talk a little good, you don’t have to consider me a gerontophile, or just because you talk good, I don’t have to consider you a pedophile. That’s bullshit!! I told you what I feel about this shitty word ‘beautiful’ right now, but I cannot decide for you how you perceive it, can I? I’m really sorry if I make you uncomfortable.

        I can understand that btw… I like my own company too, nothing’s weird there.

        I’m not surprised that you didn’t find much about me on Google. Because, (a) I’ve tried my best to keep my life to me so far, and (b) insignificant people, usually, do not make their way to Google. And That person, on YouTube channel isn’t me. She’s someone else.

        If I send you a photo of my sister instead of me, would you do that? It won’t be any problem, right? I’ll mail you a photo.. thank you very much for that. Means a lot!

        And yes, there are three people in my life and all the three are aware of every little bit of life I’m living.

      7. Yes, “venereal malarkey”, but that’s the way the world is! Look at the so-called “news” and all we’re hearing about here is jeffrey Epstein, , or maybe you don’t follow the so

      8. Again. clicked on the “post” link in error!

        The thing is, re: venereal malarkey, that’s the way the world is. Incidentally, I wasn’t accusing you of anything, assuming I have read you right, I was merely putting stuff down in writing in case our conversations fell into the hands of the malicious brigade… I mean stuff in the news here is mainly about the so-called Duke of York and his friends the late Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell… big court cases… lots of paranoia and irrational hatred for people who don’t fit conventional social slots.

        Yes, send me a photo of your sister.

        I did visit your WP site and posted a comment but it didn’t / wouldn’t happen!

      9. I am aware about Jeffrey Epstein and his association with high tables… Maxwell’s arrested, right? And it is quite true that I don’t know much about the conditions there in Ireland. But I totally understand that you’re trying to protect yourself from so called “righteous society”… So don’t mind me if I sound like a freak, I generally don’t know stuffs xD.

        I talked to the wp assistants, they said that there is an integration error from their side, they’d fix it. I haven’t checked yet, but I think they might have it done by now. Apologies for discomfort.

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