1. I was driving back home from the supermarket and noticed the morning light creeping around the mountain… well, I say mountain but really it’s just a very large hill, or range of hills. I’ve never climbed it. The winds up top of those hills are crazy. The winds here in north west Ireland down below are bad enough, actually I would describe them as successions of violent gusts rather than wind, but on the top of the large hills they are mad! I went up Knocknarea in County Sligo once and the wind was so powerful it nearly blew me away!

      1. Amazing answer. That is a short story right there. And it is fact which makes it more interesting. Good Stuff. They say some television shows in America come to Producers and Writers as they are caught in traffic. So there is an analogy for you. Creativity is there and when it gets bored….GENIUS HAPPENS. Crazy to realize but there it is.

      2. RIGHT? Oh, do you need a good laugh? The blog post under the one about Valentines Day is my last new blog for now. Till I think up another one. It is called “INTRODUCING GEEZA…HE’S OLD…and COMPLETELY CLUELESS!!! You gotta read it for a good chuckle! Go for it dude! I wrote cause in America, in this place called Los Angeles, corporations are run in that city. Corporation heads assume life is exaclty like Los Angeles everywhere. IT IS NOT! They claim everyone under 60 is a spoiled rich “MILLENIAL” and the truth is people of the younger generation work several jobs to feed their families and don’t make much at their jobs. Employers won’t pay enough because the labor beaurau was weakened by Presidents Trump, Obama and Bush. So there is nobody fighting for our rights as workers. So they run these commercials about how anyone who is not an executive is a spoiled rich kid. This post I made is me fighting back. …and for good laughs! Enjoy!

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