1. Lol! I have to do my bit in support of my Ukrainian brothers and sisters…. put a gun in my hand and the opportunity and I might even be prepared to put this mad dog Putin out of his misery once and for all!

  1. A fitting way to show a tyrant what we think of him.

    You made him a cartoon!

    A newspaper strip one!

    We call them “Political Cartoons” here in the USA.

    I honestly think this was a tasteful visual mocumentary.

    Well done sir!

    Now, Gerorge Soros should be the next on your list.

    He is trying to conquer the world by buying out news media companies world wide.

    He owns a bunch of them too.

    He must be mocked!


    Good Work my painter master friend!

    Good Show!

  2. Thank you Ryan! Putin is a huge disappointment. He just hasn’t made the grade as world leader. I regard him with contempt. He is, as it were, leader of the Soviet (nasty) version of the ”monster raving loony party”! No wonder he sits a huge distance away from his Komrades – (notice the length of some of those tables?) – he is downright afraid that if he lets them too close one of them will assassinate him! This insane man lives in fear and terror! That’s the way things are in Soviet Russia! That’s the way they do stuff! Shocking but true! Yes, I’ll check out Soros. I heard only bad news about him.

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