I have no doubt that Camus was murdered by the KGB. It’s not just Giovanni Catelli’s book that has persuaded me of this but also my own observations over 70 years and experiences of the dark side of life and its twisted machinations.


    1. Hi John! Hope you’ve recovered from the virus. To answer you… there’s a recognisable pattern to it. All those who have experienced injustice will know it when they see it. It has to do with what happens when power, or the powers-that-be, get challenged by truth, exposed for their lies. They will do and covertly what they self-interestedly and viciously think needs to be done to silence critics, the truth, and will rewrite history. Cover-ups happen all the time. Camus was perhaps the most influential thinker of the 20th century and he criticised and lambasted the Soviets. He exposed the lies of the Stalinist criminals who ran the Soviet Union and also their Western collaborators. And the Soviets have a long history of silencing critics. Of political assassinations. Camus was assassinated to shut him up. But read the book. I read it in a day and a half. It reads easily. I did wonder if it was just another ‘Da Vinci Code’ type conspiracy theory, but no, it’s just too close to the pattern of injustice I mentioned. Socrates was wrong! Thrasymachus was correct. What actually operates in this world is power and might! Might is right! What a tragic state of affairs!

  1. This painting has the gangster look. This feels like something out of an American 1950s mobster movie. You do good work as always. ROCK ON WITH THE INK BRUSHES! YEAH -YUH!!!!

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