1. OMG!


    IN THE USA, people tell their kids not to go out and play with their friends until their phone is charged.

    People are afraid if the kids get lost they need to call home.

    …and…on public buses, people ignore each other for their phones.

    One time this girl was crying to her Mother that she cannot find a real man and told several guys wanting to talk to her to go away cause she was on the phone.

    On an entire bus of single men!

    When she got off the bus, the driver said to stay away from girls like that.

    “Ypu guys need nice girls gentlemen, if she is on the phone instead of talking to you, she has no fucking decency. Marry a nice girl fellas. Your better of. Ya dig?!”

    …and yes, I dig!


    Good artwork sir!

    ROCK ON!

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