1. She’s kind of relevant to the world we live in now. Look at the history of the pin up. Mostly American movie actresses. Although there was Brigitte Bardot… But Oriental or Oriental-looking girls – I can’t think of any! I can’t think of any British girls either. Besides which they are usually pale imitations of the American girls. It’s interesting too, in pop culture, the way there is so much music produced now by women. A good thing too! But it used to be virtually an all male enclave. Sinatra, Elvis, and all the rest, then the Beatles and the Rolling Stones…. etc., etc. Interesting subject.

      2. I’ve never thought about it that way Peter. You’re right, it is interesting. I fell in love with Gina Lollabrigida (Not sure of spelling) and Sofia Loren. But You’re right, they fit in to the Hollywood type.

  1. Oh, my dad was in love with Sophia Loren, and Elizabeth Taylor!!! Glad to meet someone (yourself, John,) with an open mind. There’s still many people with hypocritical Victorian temperance society attitudes around today when it comes to modelling and porn! It’s a job, a way of earning a living, that’s all. If a girl has the looks, and the figure, and she does, or did, then why not use them to support herself? Actually, I see she’s retired from the industry now. All I can say is, good for her! It’s not my place to judge or moralise. Live and let live.

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