1. Had to look up Francis Bacon. Shamefully did not learn about him in art school. He was a genius. You captured him well here. I think he would like this. I know I do! My Friend Angela on Facebook does prints of rock stars she illustrated flyers for back in the 80s and 90s. She is Floridian. ( Lives in Florida. ) Nice Lady. She is still friends with lots of rock stars. She did art for lots of them! You got a famous person done well here with your art! ROCK ON BUDDY! YOU ROCK!

  2. Also, I did a poem for mother’s day and one for my Mom’s Birthday which is on the same day this year! Below that is one on why it is stupid to market wonder death cheating drugs to seniors by treating them as if they knew no better. It is a comedy routine that sticks up for the older generaiton. Feel three to check all three out! ROCK ON BUDDY!

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