1. You’re lucky! I’m in and out of hospital for prostate BPH and life-threatening urological problems UTI these days! I only and very innocently see her hair blowing in the wind! And am reminded of beautiful girls I once knew… long long ago. Lol!

      1. Cheers, John! Benign (I hope) prostatic hyperplasia. Which means a very much enlarged prostate gland. Get yours checked, John. Lots of men die from prostate cancer! UTI is urinary retention. Which means you can’t pee! Emergency room stuff! I have to go to some hospital in Belfast soon. Three hour drive from here! Jesus! Take care of yourself. Life is short. Too damn short for many.

      2. Bloody hell. Keeping finger and toes crossed for you mate. I don’t wee much (once a day) and then I go through bouts of going 4 or 5 times a day.
        Here’s hoping you get the top side of it and start to recover Peter.

      3. Thanks John! I can’t remember the last time things were ‘normal’ for me! That’s life! Just take care of your health my friend. As they say, your health is your wealth. All the best!

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