1. I like the outline of the face and the hair.

    Excellent contour line work.

    The colors are brilliant!

    LOVE IT!


  2. Hi Peter, it’s been a while since I visited your page, but just wanted to say how much I appreciate your artwork! Whether it be landscapes, nature, musicians or the lovely Hitomi, your consistence is admirable especially during these trying times.

    I hope you are doing well my friend!

    1. Hi John! That’s okay. Life has to be lived. No doubt you have been busy. I have been quite ill but am still here, still plugging away. My art is, I think the Germans after Goethe call it, ‘Altersstil’, old-age art, the art of the elderly man. I’ve been reading stuff about it. One continually learns! Kenneth Clark, the famous British art historian wrote a great essay on the subject. Pessimistic old men like me don’t really give a shit about what people think. We know how fickle human nature is. How worthless opinion too. We know too that art is not about ‘likes’ or being liked by one’s contemporaries. Hitomi’s breasts are a work of art in themselves that ought to be celebrated. Instead they are ridiculed and laughed at by small and narrow-minded fools. Anyway, thanks for the words of support. And I hope you are composing memorable music. And take care of your health. Best wishes, Peter PS Yes we do live in very trying times!

      1. Interesting! I’ve never heard of “Altersstil”, but “old art” or not, great art is timeless since it reflects our collective human experience, and although times change, human nature stays consistent at its core. I believe your art stays true to this!

        She has mentioned all the haters before… The fools will scoff and scorn of course, but Ms. Tanaka has bravely fought through this cruelty over the years. In fact one of the reasons that I respect her so much is the fact that she took her body that others laughed at in her younger years and nurtured it to its fullest potential in the adult industry, choosing to share her beauty rather than be ashamed and accept the ridicule and stigma others throw at her. Seeing her develop as an artist over the years has been a great joy for me!

        The music is going well! I actually just got done playing a concert. Thankfully things are picking up once again after all those quarantine closures!

      2. Clark speaks of the old artist’s ‘saeva indignatio’ (savage indignation) defined as a kind of fierce indignation at human folly, and discusses the matter in relation to a number of artists, from Michelangelo to Turner, from Donatello to Blake, from Matthew Arnold to T S Eliot, plus a few composers too. I found myself able to identify with this notion.

        I second everything you say about Hitomi Tanaka. She is not just an object to masturbate to or make lewd comments about. There is something more to her, a great deal more to her, than merely this. As she has pointed out, porn is just a job. I hope to plumb the depths a little by drawing and painting her in different aspects, (she has so many faces, the mark of a great actor,) and by using a variety of media. One subject in depth rather than butterflying around.

        The fact that she was able to retire, to get out of the industry, is a mark of strength. It’ll no doubt be difficult. I hope she succeeds. Her legacy cannot be swept under the carpet but must surely be recognised in time.

        Glad the music is going well!

      3. I could see that happening to artists as they age, I’m 32 years old so I’m still young, but not quite as naïve as I used to be… at least I hope so!

        It’s my intention to not objectify her as well! It’s so easy to do this in the age of the internet, but the more I saw her content back in 2008 and on, the more it turned me off to porn in general (with limited exceptions here and there). She has alluded to some corruption in the porn industry, and I am sure that this is the case. I watch almost no American pornography because of this, and even the Japanese industry is deeply problematic in some aspects.

        The first compilation video I made of her was back in 2013 and I would say that it was absolutely an artistic turning point for me for the better, as I was no longer passively and mind-numbingly consuming content but rather taking an active part in sharing her art with the world. Carefully selecting frames and segments of videos to create a narrative opened my eyes to her creativity, talent and professional skill. Not just anyone can do what she does!

        On her Reddit page I’ve begun systematically going through and posting highlights from her early videos moving forward in time. Obviously not everything she does is great! There are dull and uninspired moments just like in the life of every artist, but even seeing these helps me understand her more. I see the struggles as well as the successes. As you said about plumbing the depths little by little. Most people will never understand even a fraction of how much beauty she has contributed to the world through her dedication!

        In regards to her leaving the industry, I’m very happy for her. I noticed the quality of her films declined around 2020, and she confirmed in a recent interview this was when she began to think of quitting. I truly hope she finds a fulfilling personal life and productive artistic outlet, whatever it may be!

        So sorry for rambling on, it’s just nice to find fellow artists like yourself who are open-minded!

      4. Please, do not apologise for rambling on. We have a common interest. We both come from different places, have different life experiences, and meet on the bridge that is Hitomi Tanaka. Yes, her most recent work was not her best, but no doubt the industry decides upon the content, upon what the punters want, or what is good for them. For me she was mostly repeating the same moves we have seen so many times before from her. I think she kind-of changed, as well, not just facially but inwardly. Doing porn can’t be good for the soul. I read somewhere that she never intended to go on so long at all. It’s amazing actually that she went on as long as she did. One thing about her was her good humour, and another her professionalism; her looks and expressions, and of course her superb body… go without saying. There was also a feeling of her still being a little girl, or maybe she played the part of a little girl, and one felt the need to protect her, maybe she’s just a damn good actress! Knows how to be appealing!

        I don’t think there was anyone to compare with her. And I doubt, much to my chagrin, that a replacement will ever appear on the scene. I’m not into porn, I find most of it disgusting and most of the ‘actors’ not only useless but also ugly. She was different. Anyway, I enjoyed reading your post, John. Nice to know there are a few others out there who appreciate art. Yes, art! The boundaries between porn and art are vague and overlap. But for me she is or was a consummate artist. A perfomance artist of the highest calibre. When I said this to a fellow artist I once knew he was shocked. And told me I’d widened the definition beyond its accepted usage. The truth is he was locked into a narrow view of performance and was unable to escape from it.

        Anyway, I’m beginning to ramble! All the best to you!

  3. Personally I think it was more than her just being a good actress, because 2020 and onwards felt different. I’m not sure if it’s that she changed so much as her heart wasn’t in it anymore. She was just going through the motions at the end and people noticed. It was definitely time for her to move on to new things. Maybe that’s why she opted for the surgery, or maybe all the criticism started to get to her?

    It’s all conjecture for the moment. I hope she does more interviews soon and talks about it! It would greatly help if I spoke Japanese but alas I do not..

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