1. Your passion for painting Hitomi is showing in your work.

    Good stuff!

    She seems to be good at smiling for the camera.

    Is she a model?

    Good stuff paintbrush master!

    ROCK ON!

    1. Right! Glad someone here on fuddy-duddy WordPress-world noticed!

      My art happiness and success advice to you my young friend is to find a subject that you love drawing and painting. It doesn’t matter what it is – although one would have to draw the line at some very extreme subjects, e.g., the depiction of gratuitous violence and gore, or sexual images of children, or anything ghoulish. But find a subject you love, paint and draw it incessantly, and then find the right venue to show your stuff to the world.

      WordPress, apart from the fact that it is cumbersome to operate, and slow to work with, is for very old-fashioned pseudo-artists, (with a handful of exceptions,) talkers about art rather than serious producers, and often sanctimonious moralisers who go around the site slapping each other’s backs with likes for the mere sake of it.

      I have recently entered the world of social media in the shape of Instagram, which is mostly populated by young and open-minded people, and am already getting a response appropriate to my productions.

      So, there you have it, Ryan, from the horses mouth, find a subject you absolutely love and find the best venue in which to show it in.

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