1. I note the precision of the hands, and the strong contours of the violin. Musical instruments seem to me especially fine subjects.

    1. And musicians too!
      The contours are somewhat lost while the colour of the violin is a little overwhelming. I ought to have muted it perhaps. Too late now. It is what it is!
      Thanks for the observations!

      1. Yes, by all means, the musicians complement the instruments. You capture a deadly accurate likeness each time with the recurring graceful female figure.

      2. Thank you. You’re very kind. Yes, well, maybe I captured a bit of an impression of a likeness! Watercolour is not easy stuff to handle. Any mistakes and there’s little one can do to rectify them. Your fellow countryman, Winslow Homer, painted some fine watercolours.
        I will return to oils at some point but in the meantime I’ll continue to discipline myself, (so to speak,) with watercolour. Yes, it’s a kind of ascetic practise, it has a certain ascetic almost spartan value. Not to be confused of course with aesthetic!

      3. I have great respect for the watercolorist. I savor Sargent’s remark that painting a watercolor was “making the best of an emergency.” Winslow Homer was an idol of mine from a young age. It’s pleasing that you mention him.

      4. Interesting remark by Sargent. Not sure what it means though! Maybe he amplifies on it somewhere within his written oeuvre. Assuming he wrote of course! Watercolour can quickly go wrong if one is not careful! Maybe he was alluding to the so-called ‘happy accidents’ (or disasters, and making the best of them) that can occur with this tricky medium.

      5. I think your interpretation of Sargent’s comment is very close to mine. You’ve inspired me to look back at a little book of his watercolors that I have and see if I can find the remark. It’ll be a pretext to look at the paintings again!

  2. From week to week I adore your art work on Hitomi. However, for a musician it is PAINFUL to see her holding the instrument. It is better not to reproduce this video still, because it looks dilettantic.

    1. Thank you, but at the end of the day the violin is a mere stage prop…! As for dilettantism, it has it’s place in art and life. If there were no dilettantes there’d be no experts – and vice versa! Nevertheless, having said all that, the way she holds the violin looks fine to me…. but I’m no violinist, merely an observer / painter of aspects of the human condition.

      1. It is not the posture that reveals the pretender – it’s all about the fingers…
        Almost all of Hitomi’s appearance seems authentic – and that is what we like.
        Keep on portraying her, Peter! Wish you to stay always healthy.

      2. Thanks! I’ve just undergone a transperineal ultrasound-guided biopsy of my prostate gland in an operating theatre. Wonderful people, the doctors and nurses. As for the operation itself, well, I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy (although I don’t have any worst enemies, lol.) Hopefully I will survive through to the next stage of whatever! I’m now in recovery mode, and for the next few weeks. So sketches of Hitomi will be a bit slow coming

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