1. Just thought i’d stop by to see how busy you’ve, and I’d say I’m impressed.

    I really consider the digital rendition and improvement of the original color painting, the greater contrast played to the overall effects.

    With the larger-than-average areolas, her powerful expression and the deep color contrasts, the energy in this painting more ‘fiery’ than in your other works.

    Then again, that may be sexually impulsive side of it, but that itself is part of the experience.

    Great job

    1. Thanks!

      Yes, oftimes the painting works well enough just by itself but I like to digitise the finished product at the end of the process just to see what happens… I have always felt that art should reflect the times in which it is created and we do live (as it were) in digital times, the digital age! So the digitalisation of a painting or drawing somehow brings it bang up to date visually. Does that make sense? Sometimes of course the result of this digital tinkering is horrendous!

      This woman’s breasts are amazing. They seem to fall or hang perfectly. Okay so over time gravity has taken it’s toll but she still knows how to hold them, to make them look great. And it must be painful for her too since they are so large. I look at them and am reminded somehow of canned Italian tomatoes. Probably not the best analogy but there is a distinct similarity in my eyes! And her areolas (and I’ve seen a few in my time) are surely la crème de la crème.

      I can’t say anything about the sexual side of things since I don’t do sex any more! I’m 74 -75 and have serious prostate issues! But if I were okay then just looking at pics of her would turn me on and I would find it impossible not to masturbate! Now, in my condition, all I see is a superb body and a very distinctive beauty. The artist follows nature and she is a product of evolution, of natural selection. She is not a freak but a very interesting specimen. Her body at its peak was gorgeous. And there has been no one to touch her in this respect.

      Thank you!

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