1. Doctoring is necessary! Lol! I believe the patron saint of artists and doctors is S. Luke! The old treatises on art about methods and materials stress this connection between painting and doctoring. The original photo was taken from a fast moving car, 70 mph, and it was blurred, and this needed to be corrected. Also, the format was panoramic / wide angle and whilst such a format makes for a great painting, see Pissarro’s seasons, for instance, it was not what interested me and thus I cropped it. But I am working on a painting, format 2:1, of the original wide angle view, with a little of the motorway central crash barrier included in the foreground which should be interesting when it is completed. Thank you for the link. Wassily Kandinsky is an artist I admire. His was a spiritual art. Where, pray, is the spirit in AI?

  1. Of course, Kandinsky was created by Kandinsky.
    But it is fascinating to see, how his and other’s features are extracted by AI.
    Otherwise you could not use digital tools to finalize your own works, Peter.
    And it is joy to speculate, which works else might have been created by K.
    On the abovementioned site, they are created in the moment of request.
    Handmade art is like mechanical watches: they are not for everybody.

    1. Hmm. We are all products of the age in which we live.
      Digital images, which are simplifications / reductions / impressions of complex photo-images, as for example in the well-known image of Che Guevara, have been around a long time. At least, in the case of the poster of Che Guevara, since the 1960’s.
      I mean we artists were experimenting with a certain type of essential vision back then, but way before that too.
      At the end of the day it is the vision of the artist, with a lot of good luck, rather than the technology that determines success or failure, an aesthetically good or bad image. The image of Che Guevara illustrates that truth.
      Photography has been around a long time too, in various forms. It has undoubtedly affected our vision, our intellectual way of seeing the world. I note with interest there is a flourishing market in 35mm SLR cameras.
      I tend to use digital tools merely to ‘clean up’ a rough image, make it presentable, what (in the world of illustration and graphics) was once referred to as visually ‘slick.’
      Can AI do impasto painting? Could AI ‘paint’ a Rembrandt? There is a difference between mere images and solid modelled paint.
      Today, so it seems, everything is about surface!

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