1. GREAT – and so inviting …
    This is what AI is (still) not able to create – but this is only a matter of training.

    1. Thanks! A lot of errors… for instance the pencil was a soft B rather than a hard H. Which makes it difficult to conceal using gouache. (Acrylics is another option, but not for me: I gave up using it decades ago because I didn’t like the ‘plastic-ness’ of the paint.) Soft lead / graphite tends to bleed through ‘natural’ paint media. Drawing lightly with an H is acceptable even in watercolour. But the soft B was a mistake. One learns. One is constantly learning.

      I don’t think mechanical artificial intelligence is at all like organic human intelligence. There will no doubt be a slot, probably already is, in the arts, designated AI art, or whatever, but it will never replace human art, it can only badly imitate it at best. You cannot train a machine to make mistakes, to take advantages of actual accidents, to destroy what it doesn’t like and, in short, to make decisions.

      The medium is the message, said Marshall McLuhan; the message from AI will always be medium-dependent.

  2. I’ve only recently used AI in some of my work. The ibisPaint app for iPad has a sort of filter that creates a subtle diffusion of color based on line work. I have to say I enjoy the effect. Your photos of Ireland really displays its beauty. Peter I have to go through a bit of a login process for every comment, is that the setting you want?

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