The Palette

Went out into the local hinterland a couple of days ago, set up an easel and painted, though god knows what!

I was looking at trees and distant fields but ended up painting something inside me.

The end product was a disgusting mess. So I wiped the canvas clean.

I failed however to clean the palette. And was going to do so an hour ago but am instead leaving it as sole witness of my failed endeavour.

It looks a lot more interesting visually than the destroyed work on canvas.

So I’ve kept it and hung it on the wall.

Oil paint, wood, brass, leather, objet d’art.

Approx. 10″ x 15 1/2″ x 2″


  1. Yes, a record of activity. I believe there is a palette on show somewhere that belonged to Vincent Van Gogh… in the Van Gogh museum, Amsterdam, if I remember rightly.

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