The shape of things to come?

Dashed off this unfinished or maybe sufficiently finished (I don’t know) work-in-progress this evening 21/01/2023

Impression completed this morning 22/01/2023

The road to Bakhmut

After a screen grab

Oil on linen canvas

16 x 28″

Plus digitally modified version!

Slava Ukraini!


  1. impressive – without ‘modification’
    the way to Bakhmut is much longer.
    should somebody ask, how 1939 “could happen” – look at now.
    corona has left already a lively impression about how mass psychology works.

    1. Yes, thanks!

      I subtitled it, The Road to Bakhmut, alluding to the Impressionists because it is just an impression, and I greatly admire their paintings, e.g., Monet, Pissarro, etc..

      Yes, Nationalism rules; the title also alludes to Raoul de Roussy de Sales’, ‘The Making of Tomorrow’ – a great and enlightening read.

      The corona virus has indeed bequeathed us a lively impression about the workings of mass psychology and its tendency to shift paradigmatically according to the way the wind blows. Interest is lost in situations where suffocating lockdowns confined within borders prevail as homo sapiens, itself a virus, moves on in whatever direction… and there’s nothing we can do about it. It all has a life of its own. Humanity (or should that be inhumanity?) seems to move and in a very ungainly way from one disaster to the next…

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