Oil on canvas board,


Nature study. The thing is visible nature (whatever that actually is) or the natural world, the natural landscape, here in North West Ireland, that is, the characteristic face of the landscape, is not a patchwork or medley of bright spectral colours, no, it is a subdued, mostly dark, almost monochromatic, arrangement of sombre greens, blacks, browns, and greys.


    1. Just trying to figure stuff out, Jim! Trying to see what’s what. What’s essential, what’s needed, what can be dispensed with. Yes, still groping, feeling my way, reaching out, in the dark and after all these years! And how quickly time passes… how little we know! Best wishes to you!

      1. Right back at you, Peter, with the good thoughts and earth tones. Let’s keep pushing back on the darkness.

      2. Thank you my American friend!

        You know there is much to learn and so little time. You have had some great artists and teachers come out of the USA. I’m currently reading-studying Anson Cross amongst others. Fascinating stuff.

        Now, before I die, I want to create one, just one, good painting.

        I have wasted a lifetime looking at and being taken in by stuff I no longer regard as valid art.

        Modernism and modernity generally now leave me cold. It was my misfortune to be born in the mid C20th century when this dadaistic ‘art’ so-called was at its height and all the rage!

        Anyway, that’s the story!

        And yes, let’s keep pushing back the darkness.

        Let’s think about great art of which there is very little. The old masters and the old methods and materials.

      3. Making the old new can keep us going, I hope. Keep pushing, Peter. I’ve wasted plenty, myself, but … Where there’s breath, no?

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