A few biographical details and thoughts

Born North London 1948.

My mother was a writer and a school teacher.

My father a painter and illustrator.

Art schools attended / courses followed:

Sheffield Junior Art School.

Reigate School of Art, Foundation Year, Graphics / Illustration; Life Drawing; Painting.

Warwick University, 19th Century French Painting.

Coventry School of Art, Harry Weinberger, Seminars.

Falmouth School of Art, Sculpture.

Currently living in Ireland, the Republic.

Have been actively engaged in all kinds of artistic activity and have painted on and off over the years due to family and other circumstances.

Studied / read up on (in depth) philosophy, especially ancient philosophy.

Came to the realisation that there is no reality and that everything we think we know is lies and fabrications drummed into us in our formative years by whatsoever ‘government’ (a euphemism for the biggest criminals and terrorists of all) in order to control and also ‘tax’ (a euphemism for protection racketeering) the masses within that portion of the world they have divided-up and make claim to.

As a sometime environmental activist I was taken to Court on trumped up charges by a criminal and his henchmen. So I have no time for the so-called ‘Law’ or ‘Lawyers’.

Religion: None.

Politics: Anarchist.

Favourite author: Tolstoy.

Favourite modern philosopher: Norman Haughness.

Favourite actor: Clint Eastwood.

Favourite actress: Hitomi Tanaka.

Favourite music artist: John Lennon.