Benzaiten 弁財天

Japanese goddess of love, mixed media on stretched watercolour paper, approx. 10 x 13 1/2″, September 23 2019

My latest excursion demonstrates very clearly, and overwhelmingly so, that sex is still a taboo subject; that open sexual talk, use of sexual imagery in art, and sexual matters generally, is sinful, to be swept under the proverbial carpet, away from the blinkered public gaze. It seems the various churches /religions of the world still straitjacket their mindless flocks into submission with meaningless morals dreamed up by ancient aristocrats in order to subjugate and control and exploit the people. Look at porn, touch yourself, and you will go to hell.

“—Now let us try for a moment to realise, as far as we can, the nature of that abode of … More