1. Thanks OA! The colour in the actual painting is much richer than it is in this digital image… much greener, deeper… I was wandering about at 7.30-8.30 am in some fields and came across this little Arcadia… half expected Pan to put in an appearance! There were sheep dotted here and there… beautiful sunny morning… just wish we had more warm weather… but then I s’pose one appreciates it more when it seldom comes… had to dash off a piece to show how I felt ! 🙂

      1. Yes do it quick! I feel (before this week) it had been grey a very long time and it was beginning to tell on me and my drawings. Have topped up on Vitamin D today though

  1. Yes, it seems to have been grey here in NW Ireland (Eire) since last June!!! I’ve been taking Vitamin D and D3 myself for the past few months… Today the weather is back to dull overcast but it’s s’posed to be brightening up – hope it does! Funny, all my childhood memories are of sunny days… but then I lived around the London area… so-called home counties… they do get drier weather down there! Ah well… as the Irish say, We can’t do anything about the rain…

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