Sunflower girl painting proper begun, image roughed in, background spatial issues resolved, long way to go though…

hitomi roughed in

Oil on canvas, 30 x 32″, Sep 1 2019

Happy to have started and made some decisions… Oh how I love oil paint! I just cannot work with acrylic paint. Okay if you can afford and acquire Liquitex or some other quality brand but the cheapo stuff I was using (Winsor and Newton Galeria) handles more like coloured slime than paint. No body, god knows what is in the tube! Very little pigment that’s for sure! At least I’ve made a start.


  1. Indeed, Windsor and Newton has not been doing anyone any favors since they switched the manufacture of their Galeria series to China – Peter! (I remember when that stuff was made in the UK and believe me, it was much, much, better, back then!) Their Pro series is made in France and is so much better. 🙂

  2. Thanks for your thoughts Hilda. I used Liquitex back in the 1980’s (there was a stockist in the Midlands of England near where I lived.) Excellent stuff, very expensive, but worth it. And I have dabbled with acrylics a few times since. Can’t recall the brand(s) except that I used large plastic squeeze tubs – very useful for painting murals. I am now a dinosaur over 70 years of age and I remember when Winsor & Newton were colourmen / artist’s suppliers of very high standing. Not any more, I’m afraid. Now I use Roberson’s but have to buy their oil paints online because they’re unobtainable here in the Republic of Ireland. Roberson’s paint handles really well. It’s high quality, no extenders, just pigment and oil. Sometimes I buy the pigment and mix it myself. Not too often these days. Apart from that I buy large tubes of Pebeo titanium white online. I can always throw some titanium dioxide pigment powder into it if there’s too much oil! Thanks again Hilda!

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