1. This is beautiful!

    The colors, the lovely young lady!

    The digital elements.

    It reminds me of a music video where this type of art as done

    with animation and video combined!

    Here is the video, I hope it inspires you cause this piece here

    you did is unique and awesome!

    You do great stuff!

    ROCK ON!

    ….and now…..the video form the band Zero 7……..

    1. Thank you Ryan. Your good words / thoughts / comments are appreciated / nice to read. There is an honesty about you that is very likeable. Thank you for the video too. I watched it, intrigued. It must have taken a while to transform all the photographic images into this style of image. I like the way black and white is used throughout and becomes colour right at the end. And of course you’re right about this type of art, there is something to it. We do live in the digital age after all. Best wishes, Peter 🙂

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