The great masturbator

Homage to Salvador Dali, a great painter and masturbator; John Keats, a great poet and masturbator; and Hitomi Tanaka, a great porn actress… and masturbator.

To sensuality and freedom… to sexual liberation… and also to William Blake, Percy Bysshe Shelley, Mary Wollstonecraft, and William Godwin… and to hell with the oppressive institutions of religion and politics.

Just started this oil on canvas.

First made a drawing after a movie still.

Now I’m making an underpainting in umber (grisaille) correcting the drawing and getting the tones right.

Next (whenever that might be) will come colour (although the grisaille will have to be left to dry first.)

Sort-of doing it the way the old masters did it…

This could take some time because I like to be out in the open air!

But on rainy days, of which there is no shortage here, I shall work on this piece.

Work in progress, then.


    1. Thanks! Your positive / constructive feedback is appreciated. I’m creating no precedents, just following a very ancient track in art. Painting trees and sunsets is all very well… lol… but, as far as I’m concerned, drawing and painting real, not abstract, beauty in the shape of pretty young women is more meaningful, more profound. As Alain Aslan rightly says: “woman” is the most beautiful subject ever given to artists, because it is inexhaustible and eternal. [] I only wish I had come to this subject earlier. But I stupidly believed there was something somehow immoral or wrongfully prurient in what is in fact perfectly natural and normal. Of course now, in my dotage, I know better, to wit, that religious and philosophical systems of morals have been the death of true morality and goodness.

  1. Absolutely beautiful work! It captures the passion of the moment so well. I would love to see more of these still frames.

      1. That is fine, good art should not be rushed. Do you have any donation page? I feel bad enjoying all of your work for free. Also I used to see you on facebook, but I can no longer see your profile. I hope you weren’t removed by the bots!

      2. Right. Enjoy away, no donations accepted… but thanks anyway. Lol! Very generous thinker, so you are. Yes, I used to be on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and a host of other such online media outlets, but I just wanted to simplify things… so… closed all my accounts. Except for this WordPress one… I even considered wiping all my other stuff here on WP and just keeping my site for faces and figures, because these are what really interest me. Thanks for your interest, John!

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