1. Nice work.

    The facial expression was done well here.

    I also like the colors.

    Good work sir!

    It’s been a while.

    Hope you are doing well.

    St. Patty’s Day is right around the corner.

    Aren’t you Irish?

    I hope it is a happy holiday for you.

    Here in America, McDonalds has the Shamrock Shake this time of year.


    Anyways, Happy Holiday to you buddy!

    Rock On!!

    1. Why, thank you Ryan!
      I’m just looking forward to Spring and the cherry trees in blossom.
      Hope you’re well too.
      You know one thing, I’m proud of the fact that I never ate or drank any of that processed shit-junk-food shoved out by the McDonalds corporation.
      McDonalds and other similar junk food outlets are largely responsible for much of the obesity that plagues especially the Western world.
      Stuff that is very bad for one’s health!
      Sermon over!
      Take care!

      1. Thank You Reverand!….and now….a commercial from our sponsor…….Ppeye’s Chicken! LMAFAO! The Government is so bad in America. Both the Labor Beaurau and Better Business Bureau have been weakened by Obama and Bush. Companies are getring away with mistreating customer AND employees! Popeye’s has a warning that their food can give you a heart attack on their menu. Without the BBB to stop them……they can do anything. …and without The Labor Beaurau to fight for workers’ rights…..people quit their jobs because their employers treat them so badly they get stomach aches. So now poeple abuse un – employment. America is going to Hel in a hand basket. Scary Yo!

      2. Bless you my son! I hope Popeye’s Chicken serves it up with plenty of spinach, and Olive Oyl.. but no Wimpy burgers for me thanks! Fast food… a sign of the times: everybody’s going nowhere fast! And they’re doing it on disgusting highly processed garbage – in every respect. Stay well, Ryan! What are you up to these days anyway?

      3. Well, during the Pandemic, I had to stay home from the gym. I got fat after three months of thinking “Oh, I will go back after the Pandemic is over next week.” Every Week! So my Mom told me it is gonna be a long time. So I remembered that when I trained in a dojo as a kid, I was jacked. So I went on yourube on my tv and found Martial Arts workouts and Martial Arts techniques videos. Knesthetically, all my old moves came back to me. Also, I lost 60 pounds! Got my Guns Back! In September of 2022, The gyms were declared safe once more. I am also quadruple vaccinated! So I have been back at the gym since then. Also, I was almost as strong as when I Ieft! That stuff really works the martial arts for muscle building workouts. I have been back in the gym since Setpoember and I lost even more weight. When I was fat I was 340 lbs. Now, I am 280 lbs and am a a power lifter! Also, on a different note, creativity must have went onto the next Generation. My Niece Kendra, was asked in class to write a fan fiction paragraph in school. It was submitted ot the education association’s annual ciurcular! She made the circular and is published! The books are all pre ordered in my family! She didn’;t even know about the contest. She thought it was a regular assignment. She is one of the top student writers in the USA! I am so proud! I still train at home when I am not at the gym. So I work out two to three times per week when not doing art. Check out my word press. tons of new stuff!

        ROCK ON Paintbrush Master!

      4. Losing 60 lbs is good but… and it’s none of my business, Ryan, but 280 lbs (20 stone) is overweight, not good for the old ticker, you really need to lose another 5 stone my friend! Unless you’re 6′ 6″ tall! Even then…
        Ever tried fasting?
        Congrats to your niece Kendra!!!
        Take care!

      5. Your a great guy to be worried about me. But the truth is, I am continuing to lose weight. I lose more! Every couple weeks or a month I have lost significant weight. So I have not stopped yet! My goal is 220 lbs. So I am not done losing weight yet. Even at the gym. My workout is not just weights anymore. I do more calesthenics and boxing bag training. So the weight loss goal is far from over! You r a good friend to worry about me, but like I said, the journey is not over yet! Plus, I still work out at home doing karate and I just walked two miles today. So don’t worry buddy…I ain’t done yet! Thanks so much for the kind words about my niece! ROCK ON BUDDY!!!! MUCH REPSECT AND CARE!!!!

      6. It’s your life, Ryan. It’s not my place to lecture you!

        Life is short, you will do what you feel you have to do, what is right for you, whatever I say!

        But check out healthy height-weight ratios for men.

        220lbs doesn’t even figure on the table I’m looking at which goes up to 6′ 3″… average weight 185lbs.

        Means you must be 6′ 6″ or more tall?

        Anyway, none of my business. Good luck!

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