1. Hi JMN!
      Long story short…. these are two of the scientologists, brother and sister, involved in a case of gross injustice; a travesty of justice, in which a young man died, with no rational explanation given.
      Their surname is Miscavige which is very similar sounding to ‘miscarriage.’ Thus the title of the post.
      Evidence was falsified, truth withheld, lies told, lawyers bought, all to protect the so-called ‘church’ of scientology.
      Victoria Britton, the mother of the young man, tells the story. She is on WordPress.
      I know a little about injustice since I was once on the receiving end of it and saw just how corrupt and unjust the courts, the judges, and lawyers, the various legal systems of the world actually are.
      And how criminals get away with their crimes while innocent people are made to pay.
      The law freed Barabbas and crucified a good man… it condemned Socrates and countless others… an old story!
      Scientology is a dangerous religious cult….

      1. Very informative, Peter. Thanks for the background, and I agree with your observations, sadly. The subjects for your incisive portraits are limitless, aren’t they? — Jim

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