Cute ‘n’ sexy model Hitomi Tanaka

Have just started a new oil painting of Ms Hitomi Tanaka. After a digital image. Painting is fairly large. This is just a detail that I have modified slightly using digital media. Should be finished (all things being equal) in a few days.

There is nothing, no sight, not even a sunrise, quite as pleasing and delightful, as that of a pretty young model, in the eyes of an old man.


      1. We are in the 70s. We were in the hot and humid till recently. We kind of go from Summer to Winter weather wise in the states. LOL!

  1. Wow! The 70’s? Wow! I forgot what hot and humid is!!!

    Here in the North West of Ireland it’s kind of winter all the year round! Except for the odd day now and then…

    No wonder so many Irish men women and families emigrated to America in the 19th century (and still do today, I believe!)

    Enjoy that hot and humid weather and think of me back here shivering in the chilly wind and rain! Haha!

    Take care of yourself and don’t forget to wear a mask.

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