An important detail…

…from my painting of the Arigna Miner’s Bar 1998 that I ought to have emphasised is that of Sean himself, his beautiful wife Martha, and her daughter. So, here it is, the digitalised version, in memory of my good friend and patron Sean Flynn.


  1. Is your friend still around?

    When you said it was a memory of him, I did not know if he died or just moved away.

    Anyways, I love this piece.

    It tells a lovely story of friendship and family!

    Very Cool!

    Love It!

    1. Thanks Ryan. Sad to say he died a few years ago. He was very good to me. I think this is a fitting tribute. He had an infectious smile. You couldn’t help but like him. He was a frequent visitor to the USA., New York.

      1. Sorry I never got to meet him. I actually live in Philadelphia. a short train ride from New York. Lovely Story! Sorry you lost your buddy. Seems he had some great fiends! Take care good sir! You Rock!

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