O beautiful woman that thou art

A more recent digitalised image cropped square of this Japanese beauty

Stage three: work in progress, trying stuff out, including digitised versions, such as this one

Stage two: raw umber and a smidgeon of white plus turpentine dry brush underpainting

Stage one: line drawing in pencil on canvas, 12 x 20″


  1. I think it’s fascinating moving between your current drawings from staged overtly sexual photo shoots of a young woman to life drawings of older people by others I follow on WordPress. That juxtaposition itself Is meaningful, if I only knew what it means.

    1. Again, thanks for the feedback… What it means? Who knows. Maybe it’s all about ways of seeing? Perhaps John Berger touches upon the matter in his book of the same name (Ways of Seeing). Maybe depictions of female nudes in art throughout the centuries are a reflection in microcosm of the varieties of politico-religious constraints / freedoms. Maybe new technology is breaking bounds and affecting the way we see stuff. Big subject!

      1. It is a big subject. And definitely one for art, and also a subject that should be addressed by men, as well as what I see and appreciate which is art by women from a feminist perspective. So here’s the thing, I think, using as source material (and possibly producing) images designed for sexual arousal cannot be simply reduced to exploitation, expropriation and patriarchal hierarchy and dismissed. Both sex and making images are core to our humanity. But those things, exploitation, expropriation and patriarchy, are real none the less and also are subjects for art and, in my view, can be challenged by art, and by the artistic process.
        So does that sound pretentious and worthy?. Well, that’s art too!

      2. As you say, ‘Both sex and making images are core to our humanity.’ They are as old as humankind itself.

        Sure, there are misogynists (in abundance) and misandrists too, they come in many guises, but I see myself as a philogynist.

        Images for sexual arousal… yes, there is that, but also I am a mere looker-on at the great fair of the world and a note taker of what I see, an image maker, a discourser but in the language of paint. Art, then, is a kind-of dialogue in which we are all free to chip in, to express our opinions.

        The artist works with feelings but there must be critical thinking in the process. The artist also spends a lifetime perfecting his technique, learning to paint. It is a lifelong process!

        There are some areas in which it is (now) taboo to express oneself freely. Look at the political prisoners of this world who dare criticise authoritarianism and antidemocratic government. Look at the religious oppressors, at artists murdered by fanatics because they dared to make cartoons! Countries/nation-states continue to arm themselves with ever more deadly instruments of death unabated.

        Maybe we need pictures of pretty girls more than ever. There is nothing wrong with naked flesh but there is a great deal wrong with the ways men think, with education, with delusional systems of belief, and so on.

        Sorry being a bit slow to respond but we have sunshine and I have been working out in the garden and fields having a break from painting and the Internet.

      3. Having to remove ash trees infected with ash dieback disease in and around the land. Hard graft! One tree precariously balanced and ready to fall on power lines! Three of us pulling on ropes eventually got the tree safely down. I had a kind of deja vu in which I felt the situation might have been likened to that of the tiny Lilliputians attempting to tie down one huge Gulliver of an ash!

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